Author: Dave Laichtman

Dave Laichtman

Dave is the chief editor of TheWatchFace, as well as a writer.

Torture Tests / by Dave Laichtman -

Casio F-91w Torture Test

Casio F-91w Torture Test Perchance you are familiar with the Casio F-91W? It is the ubiquitous white noise of watches. The quartz digital. Ever-present on the wrists of schoolchildren, celebrities,…

Reviews / by Dave Laichtman -

Freestyle Shark Clip Review

Freestyle Shark Clip Review Art and design, when successful, achieve intended goals through the balance of two opposing elements. Within the rarefied air of his Valle de Joux workshop, Philippe…

Reviews / by Dave Laichtman -

Baume & Mercier Hampton Review

Baume & Mercier Hampton Review Imagine an impossibly long sheet of foolscap whereupon an anonymous, omniscient scribe has inked the name of every contemporary watch model. The model names are…

Reviews / by Dave Laichtman -

Seiko Flightmaster Review

Seiko Flightmaster Review The bulk of human action is driven by the “lizard brain”: the grouping of antediluvian neural structures clustered about the brain’s pendulous dorsal mass. Its primacy in…