Orient Mako Review

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An amazing in house, Japanese made affordable diver's watch that packs a lot of weight for it's price.

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Orient Mako Review

The Orient Mako is an affordable diver’s watch made by Orient Watch Co and can be had for almost half of what the legendary Seiko SKX009 costs, which in my opinion makes this one of the best affordable diver’s watches in the market today. I hope you enjoy my orient mako review.


I’ve split my orient mako review up into a set of sub headings, each exploring the different elements of the watch and then finishing off with a list of pros and cons, and a buyer’s guide at the end of the review.


The Orient Mako is certainly a watch which packs way above it’s punch; it has very comparable specifications to the Seiko SKX009 and the Citizen NY0040, yet it can be had for roughly half the price of the aforementioned watches. However, it is not an ISO certified diver’s watch, yet I’ve read that many people have taken these diving with no problems whatsoever. I’ve personally swum with the watch many times and it has always held up perfectly well and it’s easily legible dial has made it a perfect companion for swimming, hiking and sports use.


All in all I’ve been very impressed with this watch so far, and it continues to exceed my expectations especially for a watch at this price.

Now without further ado, let’s look at the various elements of the watch in a bit more depth.


The Orient Mako comes on an oyster style bracelet with a double locking signed clasp.


Even though the bracelet has hollow end links, it has proven to be extremely durable and reliable, and a great bracelet for any watch at this price range. It gives the watch a lot of heft, however it can also be exchanged for a NATO Strap for example too.


The Orient Mako features a high quality feeling unidirectional bezel, with easy readability and lume pip at the 12 o’clock position.


It turns easily and well, however some say that it does not have enough grip however this has never been an issue for me.


The Orient Mako has an oyster style case which is similar to the Rolex Subamriner’s, yet not too similar to class it as a homage.


On top of that of course, there is an extra screw down pusher at the 2 o’clock position to adjust the day of the week. The main screw down crown has a beautifully done applied logo on it.


The Orient Mako features Orient’s in house caliber 469 which is an automatic wind only day date movement which is based on an old Seiko caliber, and originally came out in 1975. This is a proven reliable workhorse movement with surprisingly good accuracy.



  • High quality design and finish
  • Amazing value for money
  • Day-date complication
  • Easy to read dial
  • Great lume


  • Not an ISO certified diver’s watch
  • Extra pusher at 2 o’clock for day change

Buyer’s Guide

The Orient Mako is a truly great watch, the only problem is that they can sometimes be hard to get as they are mainly marketed and aimed at the asian market. Orient is a small company based in Japan.

Even though they can be ordered from asian vendors such as CreationWatches (based in Singapore), we suggest that you buy it through Amazon because that way you won’t be likely to pay customs, it will arrive much quicker and you have much better buyer protection.

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed this Orient Mako Review!

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