TheWatchFace Best Articles of 2016

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Thank you

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read articles on TheWatchFace, without the readers this would not be possible. Every single one of you readers has helped us out so much and helped us grow and continue publishing watch content which has overall been very well received by the community.

2016 has been a wild first year for TheWatchFace, it went from a bedroom project of myself, a teenage watch lover with a passion for internet marketing and business, to now one of the largest watch blogs in the country with a team of writers and contributors.

TheWatchFace Logo Change

I felt like TheWatchFace needed a new logo design not only because the old watch icon is one that was used by multiple different sites, but the old logo also suggested the name was spelt ‘The WatchFace’ rather than ‘TheWatchFace’, so to solve both of these problems I created a new logo that solves both of these problems in my mind while still keeping the same look and overall feel of the old logo.


TheWatchFace turns 1 year old

Today, (5th of January 2017), marks the one year anniversary since the creation of TheWatchFace. We cannot thank our readers enough for the amazing feedback and support we have received over the past year, from all of us thank you so much!

Goals for 2017

None of these are set in stone as of yet, however I would like to share with you a sneak peak of what’s to come and where we want to move in this new year .

We would like to do the following:

  • Establish a posting schedule with a weekly summary newsletter
  • Start reporting watch industry news on at least a weekly basis
  • Start making more videos on our YouTube channel on at least a weekly basis
  • Get in more watches from both established and micro brands for review
  • Organise more giveaways and raffles for our readers
  • Launch TheWatchFace Shop, selling straps and other watch accessories and tools

Without further ado, let’s look at my picks of the best and most popular content on TheWatchFace for 2016.

TheWatchFace Best Articles of 2016


1 – Seiko SKX009 Review


2 – Orient Bambino Review


3 – Bulova Moon Watch Review



1 – Best Watches under $100


2 – Best Watches under $500


3 – Top 5 Vintage Inspired Watches



1 – TheWatchFace’s Guide for NATO Straps


2 – An enthusiast’s guide to SalonQP


3 – How to Save Money on Luxury Watches



1 – Rolex or Omega?


2 – Seiko or Citizen?


3 – How many watches do you own?



1 – Interview with TGV from The Urban Gentry


2 – Interview with Federico from Federico Talks Watches


3 – Interview with Robert Loomes




1 – What do watches mean to you?


2 – Hug or hate a homage?


3 – My watch collecting philosophy


Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of TheWatchFace Best Articles of 2016!

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