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Michael Sherrin

Michael is a watch enthusiast and writer for TheWatchFace.

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Stowa Antea Review

Stowa Antea Review Stowa was once one of the leading watch manufacturers in Germany in terms of production volume. Nowadays, Stowa runs a much smaller operation, but the watches they…

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Blue Shark Straps Review

Specialising exclusively in Nato Straps, BluShark have a handful of subcategories. Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of trying out 3 of the different style straps; the…

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Orion Watch Review

Orion Watch Review Nick Harris made a name for himself within horology by modding affordable Seiko’s. As well as your every day bezel, face & hand mods, Nick focused on…

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Interview with Robert Loomes

Robert Loomes has been making headlines in the horological world recently, having debuted his 100% Made in Britain watch at this year’s SalonQP. Having briefly met the man behind the…

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Nomos Orion Review

Nomos Orion Review Many of you will, or at least should be acquainted with Nomos by now. A brand founded in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall,…

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Seiko SARB035 Review

Seiko SARB035 Review In my previous article I revealed how I once held the title of a Seiko snob, but that the Alpinist (Sarb017) had opened my eyes to what…