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Best Divers Watches by Seiko

Best Divers Watches by Seiko

Seiko is hugely popular, and us watch geeks seem to love them for their divers on the most part. At least I do! Seiko has a long history and lineage of creating incredible diver’s watches, always at an affordable price, which is something I hugely respect.

Their diver’s watches have been worn by famous actors in films, and have also been on the wrists of many soldiers fighting in the Vietnam war, as well as many professional divers of course.

Please note that these choices are my own opinion, and are of course completely subjective. If you have any suggestions you’d like to add, please be sure to leave them in a comment below this article!

For this list, I’ve decided to pick diver’s watches from affordable to expensive from the Seiko range, so there is a watch for everyone. Keep in mind that any of these would be a great start, or addition to your collection!

So without further ado, let’s get into the watches.

1. Seiko SKX009/SKX007

The Seiko SKX009 & SKX007 are incredible watches made by Seiko for over 20 years now, they are ISO certified diver’s watches and superb affordable every day watches too. Check out our Seiko SKX009 Review.

It’s highly versatile, comes on a rubber strap or jubilee bracelet and will go well with anything!

Seiko SKX009 on
Seiko SKX009 on
Seiko SKX007 on
Seiko SKX007 on

2. Seiko Monster 2nd Gen

The second generation Seiko Monster watches are a step up from the SKX, and offer an upgraded movement and truly unique aesthetics! Check out our Seiko Monster Review.

ISO certified diver, brutalist design, hacking & hand winding, very well made.

Seiko Monster on
Seiko Monster on

3. Seiko Turtle Reissue

The Seiko Turtle was a legendary and iconic watch from the 70s and 80s. Seiko re-issued this watch and did so beautifully, see our Seiko Turtle Review.

It features a retro design that’s true to the original, hacking & hand winding. ISO certified, and looks great on almost any strap/bracelet!

Seiko Turtle on
Seiko Turtle on

4. Seiko Sumo

The Seiko Sumo is an extremely well made diver’s watch by Seiko! It features a next level up movement and superior case finish. See our Seiko Sumo Review.

JDM model, superb accuracy, case finish and quality. ISO certified, hacking and hand winding.

Seiko Sumo on
Seiko Sumo on

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this list of the Best Divers Watches by Seiko.

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    Agree with the SKX, Turtle and Monster. But I would add the new Samurai and Marine Master. To me the new Turtle is the best total package if you consider price, features, bracelet build and accuracy.


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