Best Watches under $500

by Karl Swanepoel 8


Best Watches under $500

Following the success of our lists on the Best Watches under $100, and the Best Watches under $200, here is our next instalment in the series, Best Watches under $500.

Please note that these choices are my own opinion, and are of course completely subjective. If you have any suggestions you’d like to add, please be sure to leave them in a comment below this article!

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1. Tissot PRS200

The Tissot PRS200 is a superb multifunctional swiss chronograph that is great for any occasion.

It’s highly versatile, has not only a tachymeter scale with a chronograph but also a dive bezel and a diver’s extension. It features 200m water resistance!

Tissot PRS200 on
Tissot PRS200 on

2. Seiko SARB033

A superb classic piece with a very high quality finish and components.

It comes with a hacking/hand winding Seiko movement, 100m water resistance and a classic look.

Seiko SARB033 on
Seiko SARB033 on

3. Tissot PRC200

The Tissot PR100 is a superb every day wear watch from a respected swiss watch maker with a lot of history and heritage.

It features a high quality construction, 200M water resistance, swiss quartz movement and a sapphire crystal.

Tissot PRC200 on
Tissot PRC200 on

4. Bulova Precisionist

A very cool and innovative watch by Bulova; a great wildcard for your collection!

It has an extremely high accuracy movement and a chronograph complication.

Bulova Precisionist on
Bulova Precisionist on

5. Orient M-Force Diver

One of the best dive watches for the money, the Orient M-Force features a high quality in house movement and a power reserve indicator.

A superb retro looking diver’s watches with a sapphire crystal, power reserve indicator and much more!

Orient M-Force on
Orient M-Force on

(BONUS) 6. Tuseno First 42

tuseno_first_42The Tuseno First 42 is a superb value prop in the under $500 price bracket.

We were lucky enough to review one of these, and have decided to add it to this list as a bonus as it is a truly great deal for the money.

Tuseno First 42 Review

Tuseno Website


Regardless of which one of these watches you pick up, you will get great value and quality for money for sure.

I have left Amazon links for each of them so you can know that you have good customer support and protection in case you wish to return one.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this list of the Best Watches under $500.

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Comments (8)

  1. As always excellent article and list. Even if there is no Seagull watch in it which I would have put there :-). Reminds me definitely to take a closer look to these Tissot watches. Bulova Precisionist is really worth a try and often forgotten at such line-ups, but an excellent piece with a very rare and interesting technology.
    Ok, as I mentioned it above I think I have to show which Seagull watch I would have put in here: The new Seagull Ocean Star (816.523), that just arrived this month or the similar looking D816.310.

    1. Thank you very much Tim! Thanks for the suggestion, well it’s here now so others can see :)

      Kind regards,

  2. What about Steinhart, all of them are really value for money with in house and also ETA movements.

    1. Great suggestion, thanks for adding!

      Kind regards,

    2. Steinhart is not a “real” watch company, they are a boutique watch company that makes homage watches, and they are not “in-house” movements, they ETA movements.

      1. Some of their watches aren’t homages, but I see your point. I still think they are a ‘real’ watch company though 😛

  3. great article, since you mention (and well) the Tissot I couldn`t just stop remember the visiodate that is a stunner, very versatile, automatic and bellow 500 USD. congrats

    1. The Visodate is also a very great suggestion! Thank you!

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