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Can I wear my Vintage Watch in the Rain?


Can I wear my Vintage Watch in the Rain?

Asked by Matthew from England.


Thank you for your question! This is a complicated matter and relies on a variety of factors. As a general rule of thumb, we advise you be careful with your vintage watches near water in most cases. Remember that if the watch is labeled ‘water proof’ or ‘water resistant’ but is old, this may not be the case anymore due to old seals, pitting (corrosion within the gasket trench) and a cracked crystal.

In rain, vintage watches are generally fine however we strongly recommend you not to submerge them, even if they pass a pressure test as it can be difficult to seal a vintage watch against water properly. If your vintage watch is new old stock and has seals, then it can still be made waterproof but if there is damage to the gasket trench eg pitting, then it cannot be done easily anymore.

What I would suggest you do is consult your local watchmaker and ask them to check for pitting, old seals and pressure test your watch – maybe they can help you seal it up too! The most important thing when wearing a vintage watch is to always be careful and alert, if you are, you’ll be able to wear your vintage watch every day without issue.

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