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Citizen NY0040 Review

An Introduction & Brief History of the Citizen NY0040

The affordable automatic diver by Citizen is often overlooked by the masses, who always go straight for the Seiko SKX007 or SKX009.

However, I believe that this ISO certified diving watch watch definetly deserves more credit than it receives from the watch world, and has turned into something like a dark horse diving watch, as proved in our Seiko SKX009 vs Citizen NY0040 comparison.

The Citizen NY0040 was released in 1997, and remains in production to this very day as one of the last mechanical Citizen watches being made.

This watch has more to it than meets the eye, and today I want to show you not only how it is a very respectable diving watch, but also how it stacks up against other diving watches in the market, which it often doesn’t get the credit for doing.

I hope you enjoy the review and that it’s useful to you!

Marina Militare

Something that’s not so widely known about this watch is the fact that the Italian navy used the watch from the mid nineties for around 1o years, but more interestingly they were pressure tested to 500 meters specially for the navy, and the watch passed! The standard water resistance rating for this watch is 200m, so this is very impressive by any standards.

The NY0040 used by the Italian Navy was slightly modified, but the overall case and movement were exactly the same.

Here is the one they used:


(Image Credit: mwrforum)

As you can see, the only difference there really is the dial. Also, the navy modified the caseback inscriptions a little, but aside from that it is a completely normal Citizen NY0040 Promaster.


Personally, I have been very impressed with the Citizen NY0040 in the tine that I have worn and owned it.

It packs the same punch as the Seiko SKX009 in many ways, but also surpasses it in others.

I personally really like how small the case feels in comparison to most other divers, it gives the watch a more refined and elegant look while not compromising on performance.

Unfortunately, this watch doesn’t receive a lot of credit and many people prefer the Seiko SKX007/009 for not many real, practical reasons but just because it is so popular in the watch community.


This watch comes with a rubber strap which I do not have, however I can say that these rubber straps are definetly ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’. They give great performance for diving and swimming, but don’t look great in semi formal occasions.

I personally always wear this watch on a Perlon or NATO strap, as it goes really well with it. The spring bars are higher in relation to the case, so there isn’t a big gap between the bezel and the spring bars from the side as there are with watches such as the Seiko SKX007/009.

The Lume on this watch is also very much comparable to the Seiko KSX007/009’s lume. Many say the Seiko has better lume but with my watches, I can’t really see much of a difference.

The Bezel

The Bezel on the Citizen NY0040 features 60 clicks, and is uni directional.

I have found that the bezel is stiff and very hard to turn compared to most other diver’s watches, but this is good as it gives a feeling of high quality and you won’t accidentally turn the bezel.

Ascetically speaking, many people dislike how the bezel looks, but personally I really like it as it has a very tool-like vintage look.

The Case

The Citizen NY0040’s case has a very rugged, robust look and feeling yet at the same keeps a lower profile than most other diver’s watches which is a combination I have personally come to love.

The top is brushed stainless steel, whereas the sides are shiny which gives the watch a very high quality look.


The crown is at the 8 o’clock position which is something quite rare amongst watches, but I personally love it as it is completely out of the way and doesn’t dig into your wrist. It is also more protected this way.

The back of the case has Citizen’s ‘Promaster’ emblem on it, the famous arrow, as well as water resistance rating, ‘Citizen Watch Co’, and serial numbers etc.

Overall I find the case to be very robust and rugged, the addition of the 8 o’clock crown makes it that extra bit better.

The Dial

The Citizen NY0040’s Dial has a glossy black back, with the luminous indices having a silver trim around them. This gives the NY0040 a more detailed finish in which it trumps the SKX007/09 in my opinion.

On the right hand side at the 3 o’clock position, there is a day-date window which has a black background, which even though it may be a little harder to read in some situations, I personally really like.


Just under the 12 o’clock position it says ‘CITIZEN AUTOMATIC’, and under that is the small red Promaster arrow which is accustom to Citizen diving watches.

Just over the 6 o’clock position, It says ‘Diver’s Water Resist 200m’, which it can only say being an ISO certified diving watch which it is.

The Movement

The Citizen NY0040 is powered by a Miyota 8203a movement, which is labelled by Citizen as ‘For Divers’.


(Image Credit – desky99 – Photobucket)

It is a very robust movement featuring hand wind capability as well as a 43 hour power reserve.

Wrapping up

Overall, I really like the Citizen NY0040 and would definetly recommend you purchase it if you’re looking to buy your next affordable Diver’s watch!

It certainly doesn’t get the credit it should from the watch world, but in a way that makes it interesting too as it has turned into a dark horse.

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    Nice and to-the-point article. I’m currently enjoying my Promaster alot and feel it’s a solid choice for a first Automatic watch, as well as a solid daily driver.

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    Realy nice. Everything said in a few words. That’s wisdom,Karl.
    About the NY0040: i just got myself a Seiko srp 779k1 (turtle) and i’m dissapointed. I wouldn’t be if i hadn’t the NY0040 on my other wrist.


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