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What is a good first watch?


What is a good first watch?

Asked by Mike from New Jersey.


Thank you for your great question, Mike! It really depends on what you are looking for in a watch and the occasion it fits. There is also a large variation in price ranges, so I have thought about it and picked out two of my favourite watches for a first watch. Just to clarify, there are many other great watches out there that can be had at an affordable price (see our Best Watches under $100 list)

Firstly, I picked my first watch, the Seiko SKX009. (Read our review here)


The Seiko SKX009 is an amazing watch that, if properly maintained, will last a lifetime and longer. It’s an affordable 200m ISO certified diver’s watch made by a good brand with strong heritage with dive watches.

Next, I have chosen another watch by Seiko, this one even more affordable. It’s the Seiko SNK809 (our review here)


A superb starter watch at super cheap price, comes with in house automatic movement, stunning looks and outstanding quality. A field style watch with dynamic dial and high quality applied printing.

Both of these watches are great picks for a first watch, I highly recommend them both. When choosing between them, I suggest you decide if you want to swim with the watch, which style suits your lifestyle better and quite frankly which one looks better! They share the same movement and Seiko quality, so in the end it comes down to the one that you prefer.

Hope you find your new watch, either of these choices won’t disappoint! If neither interest you, be sure to take a look at our lists for lists of watches that are also great first watches.

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