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What Are Good Value Vintage Watches?


What Are Good Value Vintage Watches?

Asked by Robert from England.


Thank you for your question Robert, this topic is subjective as there is a big range of what people consider to be good value when it comes to vintage watches but I will try my best to give you an answer that applies to a variety of situations.

Firstly, in the sub $100 category, I would suggest you look at vintage Vostok. They offer some superb options with amazing history and reliability, for almost unbelievably affordable prices. Their two most popular watches are the legendary Vostok Komandirskie (Our Vostok Komandirskie Review), and the classic Vostok Amphibia (Our Vostok Amphibia Review).


(Image Credit: Terapeak)

In the sub $500 price category, I recommend vintage Omega and vintage Tissot. Take a look at our TheWatchFace Watch Shop, we currently have some great affordable vintage watches for sale including a stunning 1947 Tissot manual wind:


(Image Credit: TheWatchFace Shop)

Moving up, in the sub $1000 price category, I would recommend vintage, manual wind chronographs with Valjoux or Landeron movements. Brand name isn’t so important, but it’s a great way to get a swiss made mechanical chronograph at an affordable price.


(Image Credit: TheWatchSpot Blog)

Moving up another level, in the sub $5000 price category, I would suggest looking into some vintage Rolex watches, namely the Rolex Datejust ref. 1601, a watch which is currently increasing in price but can still be had at a great value. The 1601’s movement is said to be one of the best Rolex ever produced!


(Image Credit: Bobswatches)

Beyond that, I would suggest you do a lot of your own research into what pieces you would like, where you’d like to wear them and what you’d like to achieve by them (i.e. investment piece or a piece for you to keep for the rest of your life). I hope you find the vintage watch you’re looking for, when you do be sure to share your story with us!

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