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How many Fake Watches seized in 2016?

How many Fake Watches seized in 2016?

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It was reported by that over 1 million fake swiss watches were seized over the course of 2016.

The majority of these fake watches, the article reports, were confiscated in China which is the largest producer of fake watches in the world.


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Buying fake watches is no joke, as the sale of fake luxury goods funded the weapons used in the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The fake watch industry has been growing over the past few years, it’s main purpose being deception. Perhaps not on the store front, as many of them say ‘genuine fake watches’, however the buyers of these watches may have more sinister motives.


If you have or are considering buying a fake watch we strongly recommend against it. We don’t usually try to sway our readers to think a certain way, but in this case I believe it is important for the community to take a stand against the market¬†of fake watches as not only has it contributed to the funding of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, but the workers producing the watches often work under very poor conditions and are unethically treated.

TGV from The Urban Gentry (our interview with TGV) made a great video on this topic underlining why it’s important not to buy and or own a replica watch:

Thank you for reading and considering! Please share this article on social media and/or with someone you know that buys replica watches just to give them a little insight on the industry of fake watches and why it is important not to buy them.

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