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How to Save Money on Luxury Watches

How to Save Money on Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are called ‘luxury’ for a reason. If anyone tries to sell you a luxury timepiece ‘for cheap’, the best thing to do is RUN. Cheap and luxury are polar opposites and anyone trying to tell you otherwise with a spanking new Patek Philippe or a Rolex is a lunatic or is obviously duping you into buying a fake.


Other than getting yourself a voucher code from sites like Total Discounts, there are other ways that you can save money while buying luxury watches – genuine brands at that. The high flying life comes with a high price but there are, thankfully, ways to get around them and get yourself a high end timepiece without it costing you an arm and a leg.

We have made a list for the more discerning and the ones who are just dying to own one. Here are our tips on how to save money on luxury watches:

  1. Buy second hand but NOT vintage. There is nothing wrong with buying pre-owned luxury watches – they may not be as cheap as you could hope for but will be significantly less expensive than buying it right out of a brand store. Vintage watches, on the other hand, are a different – more expensive – story. Vintage watches do not qualify for vintage unless they were created in an era before colored films. They have history and they have proven their worth – so to speak.
  2. Skip the collector’s items. When you don’t exactly have the biggest of budgets for your luxury watch, skip the collectors’ list. The brand matters just as much as the model so anything under the same brand family will still be as valuable but not as expensive. Save the collector’s items for when you have the money.
  3. Go beyond the store. There are tons of other sellers who could give you a friendlier price than stores – especially those located in big budget stores and high end fashion lanes. Try out online stores, watch stores that carry different brands, auctions, maybe even pawnshops (if you know what to look for, pawnshops are some of the best places to get great deals on things like authentic, luxury timepieces).
  4. Buy authentic luxury watches. The biggest takeaway from luxury purchases is the promise that the watch will last you a lifetime. After all, these mechanical pieces will work a lifetime – maybe even outlive you if you know how to properly take care of them. That, compared to the amount that you paid for it will make it one of your best, wisest purchases. In the long run, buying cheap, low quality replicas that die out within a year will be more expensive.
  5. Compare prices before making a purchase. As any prudent buyer would, take the time to compare prices from all your possible sources. Buying any luxury item, after all, is no small feat for your savings account even when you’re buying something that’s supposed to be lower in price. Do your research and compare the prices. It does not save you time but it does allow you for the most informed decision available for you.


Purchasing luxury timepieces is no small feat. Like most things, it’s a personal choice and a tricky investment. The best way to save money on this endeavor is to make informed decisions at all times. It may not show up on the receipts of the items you buy, but in the long run, a wise investment will end up paying dividends.

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