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Interview with Federico from Federico Talks Watches

Interview with Federico from Federico Talks Watches

Federico is a watch collector who works within the industry, he has a fairly new YouTube Channel, Federico Talks Watches which has been growing very quickly recently!

He is very knowledgable, so it is a great privilege to be able to Interview him today!

Here’s one of his latest videos, a ‘state of the collection’ for 5,000 subscribers:

When did you get interested in watches, and how did it happen?

It started probably when I was about 17 years old. I come from a family of jewelers but the business never interested me at the time… One day my brother was browsing and came across a Breguet Classique… He called me over to show it to me… I was hooked!

If you could only keep one watch for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Very tough choice… Do I have to currently have it in my collection? If not I would probably go with a Patek Philippe 5130G… I love world time complications and rose gold is perfect for almost every occasion in my book 😉

To what extent do you think that smartwatches pose a threat to the different tiers of the watch industry?

I think it will defiantly affect the lower tier. The digital watches like Casio and Timex… I doubt the upper echelon (anything over $3,000) will be affected. I am hoping smart watches are just a fad. 

Do you feel that the introduction of smart watches will recreate a similar situation that the Quartz Crisis did in the 1970s?

No not at all. Quartz movements started a crisis because they did watch mechanical watches did but at a much lower price. Smart watches do a lot, but they are overly complicated and still have many issues, such as battery life.

Some say that watchmaking in the traditional sense is a dying art. Would you agree with this?

Absolutely. There is always a constant lack of watchmakers in the industry. However I think a new breed of collectors and connoisseurs are emerging. This hopefully well spur innovation.

Many people strongly dislike Tag Heuer. What are your personal opinions on this brand?

Tag Heuer is a very interesting brand. They make some very cool pieces and they also have a great history. I think the Monaco is one of the most iconic watches ever made. I think they get a lot of hate because they do have a line of watches with basic movements that is quite expensive. They are also a very popular brand. Being in the spotlight will make any brand susceptible to haters. I however think it is completely undeserved.

You recently acquired a Seiko SKX009 after TGV’s recommendation, what have your experiences been wearing this piece?

It is AMAZING. It is one of the pieces that gets the most wrist time. It is comfortable, good-looking and has a very hard to explain x-factor. The only downfall is I wish I could hand wind the movement.

Your YouTube channel has been growing very quickly over the past few months, what do you think of the whole YouTube experience?

Youtube is a lot of fun but can also be a bit disheartening. For the most part my viewers are very supportive. But just like Tag Heuer, being in the spotlight bring out a few haters. I never thought my content would be so popular! I am just some guy who likes to talk about watches.

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you the very best of luck for the future with your YouTube channel!

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