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Interview with J Anthony

Interview with J Anthony

J Anthony is a long time watch YouTuber, sporting well over 6,000 subscribers and almost 3,000,000 total views at the time of writing. He has influenced a lot of watch collectors as well as making some of the most watched watch related content on YouTube.

I, myself, have been a viewer of his channel since before I started this blog, so it’s great to be interviewing him today. I highly suggest you check his channel out and consider subscribing, as he makes some truly amazing content.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the interview.

How long ago did you first start collecting?

Collecting is a kind word, I suspect hoarding may be a better term. I have always had a few watches however beginning in my Freshman year of University I began to “collect” pieces. It started with a vintage Omega Geneve, within weeks of that I had a vintage Tudor and a Breitling Colt and it spread from there.

What inspired you to start collecting watches?

I’m obsessed with mechanical things. To me a watch is like a piece of mechanical poetry. Fine watches seem to have a soul to them. I’ve always loved machines, my passion for cars, planes, trains and ships seemed to naturally lead to a love of watches. Much as I love watching a stream engine run I also enjoy watching a mechanical watch tick. It really is beauty in motion.

What was your first wristwatch?

I would say my 1899 Elgin pocket watch. While it isn’t a wristwatch it was the first mechanical watch I owned and it really fueled my passion for watches and finely made mechanical things.

What got you started making videos on YouTube?

It was totally random. One of my favorite ocean liners of all time the SS Norway (formerly SS France) had been sold for scrapping. I made a video about the ship and put it on YouTube hoping people would watch it and want to save the ship. Unfortunately the SS Norway was scrapped however I noticed that the video got a few hits. I figured some people that liked ships would also like watches so I started posting videos on my watches and well… the rest is history.

What advice would you give a new watch collector starting out?

Buy a watch that will impress you, not others. There are great watches at every price point; you don’t need a $10,000 watch to be a proper collector. An expensive watch doesn’t make you more of a Gentleman or a Lady. Your character is defined by the way you treat others, not by what you have on your wrist. Buy what you can afford comfortably that you like. As long as you buy what you like and can afford you can’t go wrong. A watch hobbyist can appreciate a fine watch at any price point.

How many watches are in your current collection?

I honestly don’t know, between 15 and 25 however I’ve lost track as many are hidden away in storage that don’t get worn.

If you could only have one watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?

At any price? It would have to be a Lange, I think their dedication to quality and craftsmanship is second to none. I’d be proud to own any of their pieces.

Would you ever like your YouTube channel to become your full time job or do you view it as more of a hobby?

As I have said in some of my videos, I would love for it to become a fulltime thing. I love being able to connect with the watch community and create content that people find value in. It is a wonderful thing.


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    Great read, I really enjoy Anthony’s channel and simply find him to be a genuinely good person. I’m glad I came across his channel and look forward to his future content.


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