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Launch of TheWatchFace Watch Shop

A quick update

My apologies for the lack of posts on TheWatchFace over the past few months, we are returning to daily articles very soon, and we are looking for new writers (apply here).

TheWatchFace Shop

When I first started TheWatchFace in late 2015, the main priority has always been providing useful and valuable content to our readers. Today, we launch TheWatchFace Shop which maintains these same values of providing excellent quality vintage watches at great value to our customers. TheWatchFace Shop originally started as Time&Jewel, but was merged very recently and rebranded TheWatchFace Shop.

Your TheWatchFace Reader Discount Code is at the end of this article!

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 13.05.18

On TheWatchFace Shop, you will find some great value vintage watches for sale, you can also browse the sold watches section to look at watches that were previously sold and learn more about them (why we keep an archive) and check out the photos.

Judging by how the first few watches have sold already, they go quite fast, and obviously as they are vintage we cannot ever guarantee stocking another one of that model. I would highly recommend you sign up to the new stock newsletter (‘Don’t miss out!’ box on TheWatchFace Shop), to make sure you are the first to know when new (vintage) watches are added to stock.

We offer international shipping, as well as dedicated customer support to answer your questions and be there for you should you have any problems with your purchase. Payments are managed through Stripe and are encrypted with bank grade encryption & SSL certificates, your safety is our number one propriety.

Long story short; I’m very proud to be launching TheWatchFace Shop today!

Let’s talk about some of the listings that are currently in stock at the time of publishing this article (2/8/2017).

Oris Wrist Alarm


In the late 1980s, Oris had only been making quartz watches but their new CEO wanted a change. To reintroduce mechanical watches to the Oris line, he bought a large quantity of AS 1930 mechanical alarm movements, and built a 50s inspired wrist alarm watch. These were made in limited numbers, most of them were gold plated but this is one of the stainless steel versions with 18k solid gold bezel! What’s best is not only was this originally purchased in NOS condition and comes with the original box and instruction manual, but this watch was also serviced by a highly regarded watchmaker in 2015! To top it all off, included in this deal is a german watch magazine from 1991 which has a test of the Oris Wrist Alarm. Oh, and what a true stunner this watch is!

Oris Wrist Alarm on TheWatchFace Shop

Imado Day-Date Steel


A stunning solid stainless steel swiss made watch on it’s original bracelet! From the stunning light grey dial to the incredibly finished solid stainless steel case and bracelet, this watch is breath-taking. An amazing alternative that has the feel of a vintage Rolex Datejust or Tudor Oyster Prince. What’s best about it is it can be yours for a fraction of the price of the before mentioned watches! An incredible pickup and incredible daily wear watch.

Imado Day-Date Steel on TheWatchFace Shop

Tissot Non Magnetic


Tissot was the first brand to introduce mass produced, non magnetic watches in the 1930s. This example, produced in 1944 offers tremendous value as it is fully stainless steel, sealed against water and shockproof, all of these not commonly found on watches of that era! On top of that, the movement is clean and in great condition, the watch runs extremely well and that’s not even beginning to mention the aesthetics… From the all original patina dial, to the unpolished case to the original syringe hands, everything is stunning, original and can be yours at a very affordable price.

Tissot Non Magnetic on TheWatchFace Shop

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Wrapping up

I hope you enjoy TheWatchFace Shop as much as we did creating it for you!

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