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Microbrand Spotlight: Deaumar Watches

Microbrand Spotlight: Deaumar Watches

Deaumar is a young watch company based in the UK, and was started by Tony Villa. Here is a snippet of the ‘about us’ section of their website that summarises the company very well:

Our founder, Antony Villa, first started a Microbrand watch company, before the term was even coined, back in 2004.
It was called Bravus. It was 10 years too early.
He got on with his career but has been a lifelong watch addict. He’s bought, sold, read and wrote much about timepieces in the past 11 years and has got an idea of what makes a great watch, not only for the aficionados but everyone that likes a nice watch on their wrist.

Being a small company (with big ambitions) we are able to give the personal touch to our customers and aim to make buying and wearing a Deaumar watch one of the better things you can do.

I’ve taken a look at some of their prototypes and their launch edition Deaumar Ensign, of which I now have the blue model in my personal collection:


Deaumar has launched their Ensign and currently has a limited production run of the ‘launch edition’ of only 300 pieces worldwide.

The Ensign is the first watch by Deaumar Watches, their second model, the Chronova, is currently undergoing finishing touches and will be available for pre order early November 2016 here.


The Chronova shows great promise, and I was also lucky enough to review a couple of the prototypes here – Deaumar Chronova Review – Prototype.

One thing I was very impressed about was their sheer attention to detail and creativity, this is no ‘me too’ microbrand, it’s a unique watch brand which in my opinion will make it to ‘established watch brand’ status if they continue as they do and release more great watches. Check out for more information.

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