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Poll: Favourite Seiko Diver’s Watch?

Favourite Seiko Diver’s Watch?

Seiko makes a range of incredible diver’s watches, we posted a list on our recommendations for the Best Diver’s Watches by Seiko. We got a lot of emails and messages of people saying their favourite Seiko was not on the list, so we compiled this poll to let you vote on what your favourite Seiko Diver’s Watch is!

All the watches in this poll are ISO certified (How does a Diver’s Watch become ISO Certified?), also please keep in mind that we will not be listing the J and K versions of watches separately, but rather as one. This is largely due to the shocking news that came out which you can read about here: Are Seiko watches really Made in Japan?


What is your favourite Seiko Diver's Watch?

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Leave a comment below telling us what you voted for and why!

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    The SKX is just an incredibly beautiful and rugged watch. Everything you will ever need IMHO


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