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Poll: What is your favourite watch complication?

What is your favourite watch complication?

One thing I find really great about mechanical watches are the mechanics behind them, and having a little mechanical machine on your wrist.

This can be taken to the next level with a range of complications, some purely there for looks while others offer a useful function that can be used in day to day life.


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I wanted to find out what other watch enthusiast’s favourite complications are, which is why I created this poll. Please be sure to cast your vote, leave a comment if you’d like to add a reason why below and share it with other watch fans that you know to get their opinion too!

What is your favourite watch complication?

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    Honestly the reason I chose chronograph is purely aesthetic. I love the symmetry on the dial and the pushers on the case. When I was young this is what first attracted me to watches and now 30+years later very little has changed.


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