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Poll: Are Rolex Watches Overpriced?

Are Rolex Watches Overpriced?

A heavily discussed and sometimes rather controversial topic in the watch world is whether high end brands and especially Rolex use their reputation in such a way as to sell their pieces for somewhat more than they are actually worth.

Now, of course, it depends on the individual completely whether a purchase is worth it for them or not, and that isn’t what this poll is about.

This poll is asking whether you think Rolex watches are sold at more than what they’re worth.

After you’ve voted, please be sure to leave a comment stating why you voted what you did! We always love to hear what our readers have to say, and this poll addresses a question that I am curious about myself as to what others think.


Are Rolex Watches Overpriced?

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    Rolex are fine watches, though I am not a big fan. I believe that my Tissot is just as fine a watch as any Rolex. How Does the price difference of several thousand $$ make Rolex a more superior watch? Honestly, how much better is a Submariner than my Tissot PRS516? I have an original 1968 Tissot PR 516 that I still wear and it runs perfect. It has been serviced 3 times since this watch was gifted to me as a 12 year old. Can a Rolex top this? I am sure a Rolex can wear the same way over the years. So how is the $$ justified? That’s my question. My $ 450 Tissot will last as long as any $ 10/25/40,000 Rolex and my Tissot still looks good considering its age.

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    I agree with Gene.

    For me the design of the most Rolexes is quite grandpa’ish, even their diver models. Some very rare vintage models are great though.

    Also technically they are not superior. You can buy, for example, a mechanical Seiko for under $200 that runs as accurately as any Rolex, and is beautiful and carefully constructed solid and robust piece. And even under $100 one can buy mechanical Amphibia, which beats any Rolex in robustness. Check out some videos of Amphibia abuse, which it survives without any problem.

    I guess there is a reason why at least 95 % of price of any Rolex is due to marketing costs. I also believe that in any Rolex under $10 000 there is no more manual labour or craftsmanship than in $200 Seiko.

    So, as there are so many much more interesting choices, I would not buy Rolex even if I had extra $50 000 laying around for next watch buy.
    It seems that people who are prone to mass-hysteria, tend to gravitate towards Rolex! ­čÖé


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