Poll: Seiko SKX still a Good Watch in 2017?

by Karl Swanepoel 10


Is the Seiko SKX still a good watch in 2017?

Before you think that I am creating this poll based on a bias opinion towards the watch, I want to tell you I’m not.

Not only is my Seiko SKX009 one of my most worn pieces, but my opinion on this watch is also summarised in this review I wrote of it, Seiko SKX009 Review, and my opinion on the watch still stands.


The reason I am creating this poll is to see what others are thinking on whether the Seiko SKX bubble has burst, as more and more videos and articles are surfacing where people are talking about whether it is still as good a watch as everyone gives it credit for in this day and age where many alternatives with better specifications are available at a lower price.

So, what do you think? Is the Seiko SKX still a good watch in 2017, or is it ‘below par’ for what is expected at that price range in this day and age? (Bearing in mind the Seiko SKX series originally came out in 1996)

Make sure you vote below and leave a comment as to why you voted the way you did!

Is the Seiko SKX still a Good Watch in 2017?

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Comments (10)

  1. Seiko need to update the movement of the SKX to the 4r36, then it would be a viable option. As it is, the SRP777 is a much better choice.

    1. I agree! The new 4r36 movement is superb.


  2. The SKX007/9 are good watches but the new Turtles are just so much better with hacking, manual winding and great bracelets. Yes they are more expensive, but once you factor in a replacement bracelet, it is not by much.

    1. I was looking at getting an SKX009, but after handling both watches, my money is going towards the SRPA21 PADI.

      1. Good choice! I love the PADI.


    2. I agree! The Turtle is the far better watch, also in terms of value for money in my opinion.


  3. Sorry, the SKX has shown it’s age. Although still a decent value, the SRP, or Turtle line, and the second version of the Monster have surpassed the SKX by a long shot. No competition anymore. All the SKX has for it now is nostalgia, nothing more.

    1. I agree, it isn’t still what it once was in terms of ‘value for money’.


  4. My 009 is about 12 years old.Very good watch for the money.Padi is calling my name.Not sure if I would buy the auto….or the solar.

    1. Wow long time! I owned the PADI myself for a few weeks and can highly recommend it.


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