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Seiko SARY053 Review

Seiko SARY053 Review

Seiko is a company renowned for making great watches and the Seiko presage line keeps this trend going on with the SARY053  which is beautiful watch, but not only that, but this is my first mechanical watch and what a way to start.

It is a very interesting modern take on the dress watch and is the watch I get the most compliments for.



The bracelet is very solid with solid end links which is great considering the price. It is a very solid piece of metal and the way in which each link is made is exquisite. Most of the links are brushed bar the centre link next to the other link where it polished, this allows a very interesting play with light when worn and has been a time sink with me just staring at it. The links are adjustable via pins while not desirable is expected at this price range. The bracelet is not prone to stretch and I should know I fell down a flight of stairs and got nice scratches on my arm because of it.


The dial has a beautiful black and also has a very nice shine. The hour markers which are baton shaped are highly polished and applied to the dial. The 12, 3 and 6 hour markers are differentiated from the others by having 2 batons which gives good differentiation when looking down to get a rough idea of the time.  The batons are elegantly done but the only gripe I have is that the 10 and 8 hour markers are overhanging over the window that displays the balance wheel which makes it slightly asymmetrical but gives the watch a slight character. The minute track lies above the bezel and curves down onto it which gives the dial a very modern look and feel for a dress watch. The very sparsely decorated dial gives a very clean look that may have been too clean had it not been offset by the open heart balance wheel but still keeps the watch somewhat understated yet flashy enough for those who want the attention on formal occasions.


The movement is not really that decorated but this is unsurprising considering the price point that it is at. However there is slight stripes on the movement which is minimal decorations that seems quite half hearted but is better than having no decorations at all. The movement is hackable and hand winding which is really appreciated at this price point. The movement is very robust and keeps within the excepted range that Seiko has of it. The watch is antimagnetic which probably contributes to why it has not lost much time around me. It is also 24 jewels.


Overall the movement is pretty good workhorse that keeps on chugging along despite the hardships I have subjected it to.


The watch is also water resistant to 100 metres, which while it may not make the best diving watch (not that it was meant to) is very good for a dress watch and very much appreciated when most dress watches are 30 metre water resistant. This allows for more reckless and day to day where for the watch.

The case is done so exquisitely it’s what got me to pay attention to the lines of other watches and has subsequently influenced me in which watches I pull the trigger on. It has a highly polished bezel which nicely outlines the dial and plays with the light nicely. There is brushing on the upper side of the lugs and the side of the case. This along with the polishing on the underside of the watch gives great contrast to the case especially on a beautiful summer day. The angled lugs give the watch a very modern feel but allows for easier lines for the strap or bracelet to go around the wrist.


The crown is very appropriately sized so that it can be very easily wound compared to some other examples of automatic watches with crowns the size of a grain of rice that it makes it inconceivable to even set the time let alone wind the watch with. This has nice fluting so that the fingers can easily wind the watch. The crown is also signed which is great attention to detail but is expected at this price point. The “S” is very nicely done and quite deep which causes issues with dirt and grime accumulating there (because I wore this watch every day for a year and a bit, probably more my fault).

There is also a very nice display back that enables you to see the movement of this watch which is pretty nice and appreciated though there is not much decoration it is still nice to look at especially when there’s nothing to do (like being bored out of my mind during lectures).The watch has for the front crystal, sapphire glass that does not have antireflective coating which is not unexpected at this value but would have been nice.

An issue I have with this watch is with it being a dress watch and being so large and thick (at 12 mm) it does however slip under the cuff but commands a very large wrist presence compared to smaller and more traditional dress watches. It definitely speaks to a more modern audience with most of friends suggesting me where it as opposed to my more vintage dress watch when I go to formal dinners.

Watch overall

The watch having a 41mm diameter makes it pretty appropriate for modern styling as it follows the large sized watch trend but is not so monstrously large that it would put off too many vintage watch wearers of which I count myself part of. The watch is pretty versatile, allowing it to be worn every day in most situations (which I did) which makes it very worth the 390 USD MSRP but can also be dressed up with a black leather strap.

Overall this watch has served me through thick and thin and is definitely worth a look for its great qualities if not for its great price.

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