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TheWatchFace’s Guide for Rubber Straps

Guide for Rubber Straps

Rubber Straps have been a long time favourite amongst sports enthusiasts but have become more and more common in the watch community recently, which is probably because of their superb versatility and comfort!

To continue the ever so popular strap guide series on TheWatchFace, I got in touch with a company called SecTime who was kind enough to send out the straps for this guide.


What amazes me most about rubber straps, is the huge range of different options you can get! You’ll be able to find a rubber strap to go with almost any watch, for example in the picture above I put a black rubber strap with red stitching and holes on my Seiko Black Monster Second Gen, which really goes well with it in my opinion.

As you can see in the picture below, rubber straps will often times have a grippy type texture on the back which not only adds to the comfort but it also makes sure the watch doesn’t slip around your arm too much.


There are of course many other options too, so here is a rather different model on an Aeromatic Pilot’s watch:


Where to Buy

You can find Rubber Straps all over the internet, but you won’t get guaranteed quality and unfortunatly I have dealt with my fair share of low quality straps.

I can personally vouch for and recommend SecTime for Rubber Watch Straps, as they have a huge eBay Store with great feedback and their products are of a very high quality.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 23.18.53

They also have a website that has a full list of the products they offer.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this guide on Rubber Straps, and thank you to SecTime for sending them out for a review!

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    Useful post. I tend to avoid rubber straps, but they do offer something different over-and-above sticking a Nato on every watch.



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