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TheWatchFace’s Guide for Zulu Straps

Guide for Zulu Straps

I became increasingly interested in Zulu Straps as a long time NATO Strap fan, as they are very similar by design.

However, Zulu Straps are an even more rugged and tough alternative to NATO straps which immediately got me hooked, as the main reason I adore NATO straps so much is for the durability and safety.

A huge thank you to WatchBandit for sending out some of their Zulu Straps for this guide.


In the picture above, the pilot’s watch on the left has a military style green Zulu strap, and the Citizen on the right hand side I put on an original James Bond zulu strap.

All in all I’ve been very impressed with the quality and durability with these, and even though they may not be a go-to for formal attire, they are perfect for casual wear, exploring, camping and much more.


From my own personal research, I have found that there are two main different types of Zulu straps that can be had.

The old fashioned more common Zulu Straps are only one straight piece of nylon, with no lock to keep the watch from falling off which NATO straps have.

The more modern version, which I am featuring today, are ‘NATO style’, and on top of offering increased durability they also offer the extra piece of nylon like NATO straps which locks the watch in place and adds extra comfort, which is definetly my pick of the two!


What probably surprised me most with these straps though is how comfortable they are.

The nylon is soft enough to be nice to wear but still rugged enough for durability, which is a perfect balance in my opinion!

Fitting the straps to the watch is very straight forward and more or less exactly the same as with NATO straps, so please be sure to check out the fitting guide in our NATO Strap Guide.

Where to Buy

I was sent these NATO straps (pictured below) by WatchBandit, and they have them and many more for sale in their online store,


Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this guide on Zulu Straps, and thank you to WatchBandit for sending them out for a review!

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