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TheWatchFace’s Guide for STRAPSCO Vintage Straps

Guide for STRAPSCO Vintage Leather Straps

Vintage leather straps have interested me for a long time, however I was always concerned about them being to fragile to get good and long wear out of as they are already old. This was up to when I discovered vintage styled leather straps that look vintage and suit a vintage watch very well, but at the same time are brand new and will last you a long time.


StrapsCo kindly sent me some of their vintage inspired leather straps to take a look at in this guide. All in all they offer great quality at an affordable price, these aren’t the kind of straps that cost hundreds of dollars, but still uphold a superb quality standard and are soft out of the box which is something I found very impressive for leather straps particularly at this price range.


What I find great about these straps is how good of a match they are for vintage watches, but also how well they fit in with modern style trends. They compliment almost any watch very well and give it a more vintage feel, something many watch collectors and style enthusiasts appreciate.


These vintage leather straps will give your watch a whole new look and feel, and are definetly worth checking out to add a whole new spin on your watch.


These vintage leather watch straps can be bought from STRAPSCO, along with many other great watch straps. As well as offering a huge selection on watch straps, STRAPSCO has an easy to use website making it easier to get your next great strap.


A huge thank you to StrapsCo for sending out this selection of vintage leather straps for the guide.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this guide on vintage straps, and thank you to STRAPSCO for sending them out for a review!

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    Hi, where to find the exact nato strap in your 3rd picture? i search their website but cant find it.


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