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TheWatchFace’s Guide for Theo & Harris Straps

Theo & Harris have been making waves for some time now on social media, and in particular YouTube. Fronted by Christian Zeron, a young and eccentric host, they have amassed a great following of watch enthusiasts with their regular clips giving advice on vintage watches and talking about the state of the industry. Anyone who has caught an episode will know they also have a vintage watch shop, but you may not know they also sell straps.


At the time of writing, T&H currently have 3 different watch straps available for purchase; Butterscotch (tan), Chocolate (dark brown) and Coal (black), with all three being available in 18 & 20mm lug widths. These straps have been produced in partnership with Vieux Halloo and in my opinion are the perfect style for vintage watches.

The straps are 100% hand made using Wickett & Craig’s English Bridle leather, Waxed Irish linen for the stitching and 316L stainless steel buckles. There are no rough edges as these have been sealed and burnished, and the ends have been folded and glued to add durability to the professionally finished underside.



Having small wrists means I have to use the shortest fitting of the strap, thus leaving a fair amount of overhang and, somewhat unusually, there is only one keeper on the strap. At first I thought this would be a clear negative, but thanks to the quality and strength of the leather, I am yet to find the strap slipping out of place.

One down side I have found with my strap is the punching of the holes is slightly off centre, which while this doesn’t cause an issue with the fit, it does look a little sloppy on close inspection. The buckle is polished on the sides and brushed through the middle and has a defined, angular shape.


I’m currently wearing an 18mm Butterscotch strap on my Nomos Orion, and it has completely transformed the watch into something much more versatile and casual. It’s easy to tell that the leather used will gain a beautiful patina over time, and I firmly believe this strap will provide plenty of wear before giving out.


Priced at $75, T&H describe their straps as ‘value props’. While on the surface this may seem rather steep compared to more readily available brands, the level of craftsmanship and quality of materials make it quite hard to argue with this statement. This is without a doubt one of the most comfortable and supple leather straps I have in my collection, and I’ll inevitably looking to add more to my collection soon.

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