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Tissot PR100 Review

Tissot PR100 Review

Tissot is an old swiss brand with a very interesting history, and many technical innovations such as the first pocket watch with two timezones and the first anti-magnetic watch.


This is a review of the Tissot PR100, a modern ‘every day’ watch from Tissot, passing for anything from a dress watch to a casual wear watch.

I bought two variations of this watch for the purpose of the review, the blue dialled version with arabic numerals and the black dialled version with roman numerals, pictured below.


I am going to add both of these to my personal collection, as the blue one makes a great quartz ‘beater’/casual watch and the black one makes a great watch for more formal occasions.


The Tissot box really impressed me, the quality, attention to detail and contents are superb.


The box has a sliding cover, and underneath is a hard box coated with a faux leather type material.


Inside of that box there is the watch, and a small travel pouch.

On the sides of the box there are little drawers in which the instruction manual, guarantee card and information are stored.


At the back of the box, there are two booklets, one is a short publication of the history of Tissot as a company, the other a catalogue for other Tissot pieces.


The book is an interesting read for sure, and not too long as it has a small page size.

Overall I was very impressed with the box and what was included, and the attention to detail and craftsmanship used.

Now, onto the watch.

A closer look at the Tissot PR100

The Tissot PR100 is a very versatile watch made by Tissot.

It is powered by a swiss made, ETA quartz movement with a battery life of approximately 2 years, and an EOL (end of life) indicator.


It uses a sapphire crystal, and the entire housing, back and band are of course stainless steel.

The bracelet on this watch has solid end links which really impressed me, because they fit extremely snug with the case and have a very high quality feel and finish.


The watch is also waterproof to 100m, and has a signed crown ‘T’, which is hard to photograph as it is very highly polished.

The clasp on the bracelet is hollow, however this does not matter to me as it is still a very high quality feel and finish and of course on an entry level swiss quartz piece like this you can’t expect everything to be perfect.


The links on the bracelet are solid, and have a very high quality feel. The outer links are brushed and the centre links are polished.

The watch is very quite thin, which is mainly because it is quartz so the movement can be smaller.


This makes it perfect for almost any occasion, and it will slide under your sleeves easily if you need it to.

The only negative I found regarding this watch is that there is a snap on case back rather than a screwed one, but this isn’t too much of a problem, it just means that the watchmaker opening it to change the battery for example has to be careful so he doesn’t damage the case when opening it.

My opinion of the Tissot PR100

I personally believe that the Tissot PR100 is a superb watch that can be had at a very low price for what you get.

Swiss made from a brand with a lot of history and heritage, the PR100 makes the perfect watch for wear with a suit or simply casual wear.

It is, as they said on their website, made for almost any occasion.


The only downside which I found regarding this watch is that it doesn’t have a screw on case back, but apart from that I find it a great watch!

Therefore, I have given it 4.5 stars and would highly recommend it.

If you’d like to buy this piece, here are some amazon links for US and UK:

Black Version

Amazon US link

Amazon UK link

Blue Version

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Amazon UK link

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed this Tissot PR100 Review!

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