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Tissot PRC200 Review

Tissot PRC200 Review

The Tissot PRC200 is a quartz chronograph watch by Tissot, which is the official watch of the Tour de France. Tissot is an established swiss watch maker, making watches since 1853 and is best known for creating the first pocket watch with two timezones, as well as introducing mass produced anti magnetic watches to the market. The variation I am reviewing today is the blue dial version, the one which I like best personally. It’s a stunning watch…


This watch looks incredible. The dial is a stunning blue which changes shades in the light, the indices and hands all have silver trims and the case and bracelet have a mixture of shiny and brushed surfaces. The bezel is smoothly polished, the result of which means it is very shiny and reflective of sunlight, which can get annoying. It is also a finger print magnet!

Going beyond the aesthetics of the watch, it is also rated waterproof to 200m which means you can easily swim with it. (Although I recommend if you do swim with it, to get the seals checked and replaced every few years and to never use the chronograph buttons underwater).


That, paired with the diver’s extension and sapphire makes this a highly versatile watch capable of handling a variety of situations, from rough tool watch use to wear in formal occasions and at the office. Watches like these are not often found, other examples include the Rolex Datejust and Oyster Perpetual (our review), but they are both far more expensive watches, and they also do not have the chronograph function that this watch offers which many may find useful.


The Tissot PRC200 looks great on the wrist, has some great specifications and is a highly versatile watch. The UK RRP is £380 (but can be had for far less, see end of review!), is it worth that?

Let’s inspect the features and specifications of the watch more closely.


The Tissot PRC200 has a bracelet which has solid links and end links, it also has a stamped clasp with the Tissot logo:


The case has some incredible detailing, with a small ledge curved out of the side of the case with an inner polished finish, to add to the dynamic personality of the watch. This is a very detailed watch, Tissot spared no expense in providing that!


The case diameter of the Tissot PRC200 is 42mm, a perfect size for most wrists. The bracelet size is 20mm, the combination of which make for a very nice fit and look on the wrist for the vast majority of people.


All in all, the Tissot PRC200 is a very nice watch for the money. The versatility it brings at it’s price is superb, it’s a watch which will fit in in almost any situation and perform beautifully.

If you’d like to pick up your own Tissot PRC200, I recommend getting it on Amazon as you will get the best deals and support with returns should you have any issues.

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Tissot PRC200!

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    Hello TWF! Very nice page/reviews. Now I don’t need a newspaper in the morning cause I got you 😀 keep up this good work

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    Love the PRC200 series from Tissot. I own the automatic version and love it. One of these quartz chronograph would be a great addition. Thanks for the article!

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      That’s awesome Aaron, you’re welcome! Keep it up with the great videos too!


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