Tuseno First 42 Review

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An outstanding value for money watch with unbeatable features and specifications at it's price, including a hybrid meca-quartz movement, sapphire crystal, outstanding design and much more.

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Tuseno First 42 Review

Tuseno is a small watch brand born on the swedish west coast. They take inspiration from the area for their watches, and this, their ‘First 42’ brought to Kickstarter in late 2015. Their project was successfully funded, and I am lucky to have one of the Tuseno First 42s here for review today.

Over the last two weeks, I have been wearing this watch and experiencing it first hand in various daily situations. I also attended a business event wearing the watch, and it looked as great with a suit as it does with more casual attire.


What helps the First 42 achieve this level of versatility is not only the timeless minimalist design, but also the fact that it comes with two straps in the box and a strap changing tool. This itteration which I have here comes with a black leather strap with a butterfly clasp and a mesh strap.

One thing that instantly impressed me when I received the First 42 was the box and presentation. Let’s take a closer look at that.


As you can see, a lot of time and effort went into the design and construction of the box, and it quite frankly reminds me a lot of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon box. There is an outer layer, and inside is a polished black wooden box, which gives it the feel of a watch at least ten times the price of this one. This theme is continued throughout all aspects of what’s included and the watch itself.


Included in the box are an owner’s manual, a certificate of authenticity and a personalised note by name. Even though the contents of the note are generic, the fact that my name was hand signed on the outside was a very personal touch which I was very impressed with especially seeing as not many other companies do that, especially in the lower/mid tiers.

Under the two flaps at the sides of the box, next to the watch, is your watch tool and spare strap.


I found the box and presentation outstanding as a whole. Moving onto the watch itself, I have found it to be a great size to wear, my only reservation would be that I wish it was a little bit smaller.

The watch is 42mm in diameter, but it looks¬†larger because of the size of the dial, and as it is a classic design, I wish they would have gone with a 40mm case, however this is only a minor detail which didn’t bother me that much at all.


The watch sits very comfortably on the wrist, and looks great in almost all occasions. The case is also very well finished, with a mixture of brushed and polished finishes, along with a solid caseback.


The movement is a Seiko VK64 ‘meca-quartz’ movement, which is essentially a quartz movement with a mechanical chronograph module.

What this means for the user is that the chronograph secpnd hand sweeps like a mechanical watch second hand would, also the reset is instant and has a ‘snap back’ motion just like mechanical chronograph watches do.

There is no tachymeter on this watch, so it cannot directly calculate speed, but this is not a sporty watch to that extent. It focuses more on being a timeless, versatile classic. The dial has two sub dials, and no date complication.


The left hand sub dial is a 60 minute totaliser for the chronograph, and the right hand dial is a 24 hour indicator which can be used to calculate the time in other timezones easier.

I am a huge fan of the look of no-date watches, and this is no exception. I love how they managed to execute the design and feel of a 50s/60s dress chronograph watch while still making it very timeless and versatile, along with a modern size.

What I think of the Tuseno First 42

All in all, the Tuseno First 42 is an amazing watch, one which I have really come to appreciate over the past two weeks.

I have enjoyed it so much that not only do I give it a five-star rating, but I will be adding this watch to my personal collection and I highly recommend you do too. To check out this watch and more information on Tuseno, be sure to head over to their website


Be sure to check out the watch I reviewed today, as well as the other iterations of the First 42.

Tuseno started off as a micro brand, but they are growing into what I think will one day become a more mainstream watch company as they have a lot to offer. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with in the future!

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