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Vintage Memostar, Roamer & Seiko 7009

TheWatchFace Shop – Vintage Watch Showcase

In this article we highlight the new additions to TheWatchFace Shop!

Memostar Alarm


Think space age, 70s, Moonraker.. this Memostar Alarm perfectly optimizes 70s design and style! The very 70s retro design with a ‘TV’ dial and crystal look incredible, paired with a stainless steel bracelet this watch will go great in all occasions! On top of that, the creamy lume and blue striped dial are not commonly found, but when they are, they are in high demand. The orange alarm hand marks when the mechanical alarm goes off, it is in good condition and loud so it will wake most up! A superb pickup for a very affordable price, especially considering the alarm complication.

Memostar Alarm on TheWatchFace Shop

Roamer Dress


This stunning Roamer is classy, elegant and looks like a far more expensive watch than it is. That being said, this is no low quality watch, Roamer was a leading swiss watch maker that still makes watches today! This watch, on it’s black alligator strap, will go beautifully with formal wear at a dinner party, ball to wear at the office. Even in casual attire, this Roamer shines. It can be yours at a very affordable price!

Roamer Dress on TheWatchFace Shop

Seiko 7009


This Seiko is versatility redefined. From the stainless steel case and bracelet, to the stunning white dial, this watch will look perfect with a shirt and jeans as well as with a suit. Versatility like this usually only achieved with a Rolex Datejust, but if you don’t want to spend thousands, this affordable Seiko 7009 is a perfect choice!

Seiko 7009 on TheWatchFace Shop

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoy TheWatchFace Shop as much as we did creating it for you!

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