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Watch Brands And Social Media Rant

Watch Brands And Social Media Rant

Watch brands are not using social media properly. Many of them don’t even have accounts or profiles!

It’s rather worrying that in 2017, there has not been a lot of change… these watch brands should have started using social media years ago. I remember recently reading that Rolex had just joined a social network (I can’t remember which one), but it was huge news! That makes me seriously worry about the future of mechanical watches or watches in general (not including smart watches of course).

Younger people these days (with exceptions, such as myself), are not really wearing watches anymore, which is a huge shame. It is because in an increasingly gadget driven world, watch brands are not reaching a young audience effectively! This could be very easily solved by creating a small social media division and hiring young people to manage it for them, a project which would be peanuts compared to many watch brand’s budgets, but would have the potential to save them in the future.

For those of you who don’t know, my background is in social media and internet marketing, I started learning age 14 and the experience I gathered through this has helped me grow TheWatchFace into what it is today, through intelligent social media marketing.

I truly wish more watch brands did this, what I find even more infuriating is the ones that do conquer social media are brands like Daniel Wellington and MVMT! Watch brands which have no horological significance at all.

If we want the future of the watch world to end up like this, only poor quality fashion watches and smart watches being around, and no watches with history, heritage or quality, then this is how we need to continue. If not, I urge you to please email your favourite watch companies and tell them they need to be on social media! Too many large companies spend big bugs on dying forms of advertising such as news paper placements and paper magazines.

This really is a crisis, and will only get worse unless these watch companies adapt themselves for the future. Such an incredibly simple task now, but one they will regret in the future if they don’t take action now.

Sorry for the rant, but it had to be said!

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